Kidding Me – Ready for tricky? – All Levels Answers & Solutions with Video Walkthrough

Level 128 – Get the bird back in the nest

Answer: Tap right – left – right then tap and hold the bird to the nest – Video

Level 129 – Let’s go to the zoo together. Look, very tall giraffe, take a picture.

Answer: Slide your screen to the right and take a picture with giraffe – Video

Level 130 – Where is the Vatican?

Answer: Tap the word ‘Vatican’ in the question – Video

Level 131 – Complete the puzzle

Answer: Illustrated by the following picture or Video

Level 132 – Rescued a fish in 10 seconds

Answer: Tap continuously on the clouds to create the rain providing water for the fish – Video

Level 133 – Make the truck win

Answer: Move the finishing line in front of the truck – Video

Level 134 – Please open the safe

Answer: Drag the key in the top right of the screen to the lock to open the safe – Video

Level 135 – Get the bunny into the elevator

Answer: Put carrot to elevator and rabbit will jump to elevator too – Video

Level 136 – Enter the numbers you see in the picture below

Answer: The answer is 2587 – Video

Level 137 – Which looks the most beautiful below

Answer: Move mirrors front of every girl, we think most beautiful is a girl with black hair –Video

Level 138 – Where is the prince?

Answer: Take lips from princess thought and put to frog, frog is a prince – Video

Level 139 – Please let the sky rain and alleviate the drought of the land

Answer: Zoom out cloud and tap on it, it will rain – Video

Level 140 – Rescue Kiwi

Answer: Tap finger to stone and use another finger for move Kiwi to the right – Video

Level 141 – Let the little yellow dog wi the game

Answer: Just bring pigs back, until the dog wins – Video

Level 142 – The picture is out

Answer: Shake your phone until the picture appears – Video

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